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Download PicsArt MOD APK 21.5.3 (Premium Unlocked)

Download PicsArt MOD APK 21.5.3

PicsArt MOD APK 21.5.3is considered one of the most optimal photo editing applications on the mobile platform. Possesses many powerful image processing tools, along with an extremely diverse system of specialized features. With this application, you will be able to express the creativity and aesthetics of a true photographer” right on your smartphone or tablet.

PicsArt  (Premium Unlocked) 21.5.3– This is not just a photo editor, in which you can add a background, change the color and other standard functions. Here you will find almost everything that could be combined in one application, and even more so, there is a sketcher! Also, this application includes a social network, so you can upload your photos right here. Share your photos, or look at photos of other people around the world!

Features of PicsArt MOD APK

  • Social network for creative people
  • Hundreds of tools for photo editing
  • Filters and effects with settings
  • Possibility to add text, labels and images
  • Master of collages
  • Camera
  • Professional drawing tool
  • Additional art brushes

Introduce about PicsArt

In fact, PicsArt 21.5.3 is not only a common mobile photo editing tool, but it also provides users with an authentic art community through an internet connection. Experience this application, users can quickly become professional photographers thanks to the rich color filters built-in. This application also incorporates changes proposed by the user, regularly updating new versions to catch up with the latest image-processing trends today. Here, you can easily share your artistic photos with the people around them and bring out the most creative photos possible.

Awesome Features of PicsArt MOD APK

As we already told you that PicsArt comes with pretty interesting and useful features. Also, it contains advanced and powerful editing tools for easy editing. So here we decide to discuss all those features in detail. Here it is.

1) Creative Photo Editing:

You can try all smart filters in your photo and use trending photos on the app directly. Remove any object with a single click on your photo. The powerful background removes the tool to erase any photo background easily with minimum time.

2) Basic Video Editing:

Basically, Picsart is a photo editor, and it gives video editing options. Here you get basic video editing tools. Don’t expect that you get professional video editing features here.

Download PicsArt download

Here you can add music to your video, crop, trim the video, give some video filters. Using the video editing tools, you can make your status video or short story video.

3) Advanced Drawing Tool:

Picsart offers a pro drawing tool and if you like to draw then you enjoy the feature. Here you can get customizable brushes, colors, layers, effects, and more. Also, you get some Doodle on pictures and transparent clothes effects.

Download PicsArt MOD APK 21.5.3

Here you can also make illustrations from scratch using a blank template. So, if you looking for a drawing app then you don’t need to install a third-party app for it. You can draw anything on PicsArt for free.

4) Free Sticker and Sticker Maker:

You can get millions of attractive stickers and you can use all the stickers on your edits. Not only do you use stickers but also make your own funny sticker. The right and attractive stickers really enhance your photo and you should use stunning stickers on your photo during the edit.

Download PicsArt MOD APK 21.5.3

Here you can get a library for a massive sticker collection and you are able to download any sticker for free. The cool thing is, anyone, can make clipart and unique stickers for use on photos.

5) Ad-Free Experience:

PicsArt MDO APK Best Editor You already know that the free version of the Picsart app contains lots of irritating ads. If you want an ad-free editing experience then you need to use the unlocked version of the Picsart App. Here we provide the ad-free version that makes you happy.

Many attractive features

PicsArt allows users to easily turn ordinary photos into a work of art through a few manipulations simply. Here are some attractive features that this app owns:

1. Professional photo editing:

As a versatile photo editing tool, this application gives players the ability to magnify photos, design, crop photos, insert pictures into frames, add borders, add stickers, photo captions, promises not to disappoint you with the features that it brings.

2. Providing many unique effects:

Discover artistic effects such as sketcher, Orton, Lomo, vintage, cross-process, HDR, stenciler, cartomizer, Fattal, pencil, Holgaart, watercolor, contours, comic, neon, gouache, old paper, to make your photos more unique and vivid.

3. New Remix Chat feature:

This feature is exclusively developed on PicsArt so you will not find it on any other editing application. Basically, Remix Chat is a way to share and edit photos with friends completely new at the present time. All features of this application will make your conversations more interesting than ever.

In addition, there are many interesting features coming from this application that we have not mentioned in this article. Therefore, users should experience and discover all the useful features that PicsArt offers.

Share photos on social networks

One of the most special features that PicsArt brings is that allows users to freely share their works on famous social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. First, you need to create a PicsArt account to be able to share photos. As well as admire the works from other users around the world.

If you want to be competitive during the enjoyment of this app, then join Challenges. PicsArt always has new topics every day. In particular, the publisher PicsArt also collaborates with many others to inspire and bring great prizes. This will definitely help users feel more excited to experience this application for a long time.

Harmonious design

The user interface of the PicsArt will not change too much compared to other photo editing applications on the market today. The most important criterion is still to meet the needs of the user experience so everything in this application will be greatly simplified in terms of images, which will definitely bring a certain visual to the user from first use.

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Why should I use the MOD version?

In this VIP unlocked version, you can use all the features in the store. The following is a summary of the features that have been Gold Unlocked, and you can use them.

1. Exclusive FLTRs

Your image will be moodier with more than 40 image filters.

2. Over 3K+ Premium Items

You will have a repository of content with more than 3,000+ stickers, frames, backgrounds.

3. Video Editing

Access modern video editing with leading video tools.

4. Exclusive Filters & Fonts

Special fonts and filters for Gold members only.

Note: Picsart Gold Unlocked is an exclusive upgrade version developed by MODDED-1. When downloading this version, you will not have to pay an activation fee, just access the Premium feature to experience it. All features have been to open gold unlocked, the application will have no ads.

Frequent questions

What is PicsArt for?
PicsArt is a tool for editing photos almost like a pro, as it offers all kinds of effects, filters, corrections, text types and covers, to name just a few. It's the perfect app to improve your photos.

How do I install PicsArt for free?
To install PicsArt you can either download the APK from Uptodown or from the official website. From PicsArt's website you can also compare pricing plans to improve your free subscription.

Is PicsArt free?
Yes, PicsArt is a free tool, but it offers two paid plans to further expand its features. You can check new plans from the app and change to the option that suits you best in seconds.

How do I share my photos with PicsArt?
To share your photos with PicsArt, first, you need to finish the editing and, after saving, you will be able to tap on the sharing option. From there, you can choose any of the social media you've installed.
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